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Cartoons (gift from sis anna from w@w)

One of the smartest things I did during this preps is to join weddings @ work yahoogroups as advised by my dear friend Ms.Boots who will also become our Ninang in the wedding. I indeed learn a lot from the group. From the cost saving tips, good and bad reviews of suppliers, perks and freebies, pressure absorber, but most importantly the friendships. 🙂

One of the freebies we got from the group is when Anna offered to do free couple cartoons which can be used for Save the Dates, Invitations, Escort cards, etc. I immediately PM-ed her and fortunately I got a slot. So we just gave the concept of our wedding and a backgrounder on us couple.  We’re an adventurous and outdoor couple as in thrill seekers. Surfing, Rafting, Ultralight planes, Bungy Jumping, Reverse Bungy, Caving for 8hours straight, Rappelling, Hiking, etc we did it. Grabe! the list goes on. Next on our list will be sky diving but need to save up first for the wedding. So maybe for the honeymoon. Haha!! 🙂 So with that, we really wanted to have an outdoor wedding. We initially wanted a venue close to nature like at the foot of a mountain or at the opening of a cave but we thought it may be difficult for the guests. So we opted to have a Tagaytay wedding this October. We’ll still plug-in our adventure concepts in the wedding and this is one of them. Anna truly executed the concept. She’s very keen on the details we discussed. Thanks again for generously sharing your talent. Here’s what she made for us. 🙂


With camp background

With camp and hearts background

Without the camp background


One Response to “Cartoons (gift from sis anna from w@w)”

  1. Astig! hehehe! ang gwapo ko pala pag naging cartoons 🙂

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