What's underneath me?


Here is another w@w find. I tried to do our monograms but to no avail so we finally got the services of Joy (w@wie). We just gave our pegs and concept. She did this fast! Amazing! I personally requested for the compass to match our adventure concept. I’m just so happy to see some details of our wedding slowly coming into place. Here’s the initial monograms she made. This is still open for comments and revisions. πŸ™‚

Initial monogram 1Initial monogram 2Initial monogram 3Initial monogram 4

Then we requested to change the colors into lighter shades of orange and brown for our top 2 picks for the monogram. Here’s the output.

Revised monogram 1

Revised monogram 2

After which, we requested to tweak some details on our names for the top pick monogram. So we asked Joy if she can include our nicknames Pao and Rache as well as our full names Paolo and Rachelle. My parents wanted the one with full names but Pao and I wanted the initials only. Still can’t decide on the final one. Thanks again Sis Joy for the wonderful monograms and for being patient with my requests. More power to you and your business. πŸ™‚

Pao and RachePaolo and RachelleP and R


3 Responses to “Monograms”

  1. I personally like the one with your full names on it =)

  2. Hi there!

    Can I have Joy’s ( from w@w) contact number? How much for the designs?

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