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Gluttony at Antonio’s, Tagaytay

We love Antonio’s! 🙂

This is just our second time to eat there. But  for both times, we really rave the food we are eating. First time we ate there was back in 2009, Dec 23 to be exact. We’re celebrating our 69th monthsary and pre-christmas date back then. Here are some of the pictures. Pardon on the name of the food. I can’t remember anymore. Haha! 🙂

On our way up

Still has my braces on

The best fresh dalandan juice we’ve tasted and it’s unlimited! 🙂

Everything on the left was my order while the right was Pao’s except for the salad and soup since we had the same order. 🙂

On the left: Antonio’s Trio Sampler

On the left: Flourless chocolate cake

Flowers for me!!! 🙂

Next dine in was just last Tuesday, August 9. We had a schedule with our soon to be officiating priest in Caleruega and so we  decided to try Antonio’s again before our scheduled appointment. It was love the second time around. Overly excited, we ordered a lot! That’s the gluttony part. Tsk tsk! But at least we got to take home some food to eat for dinner and as pasalubong as well.

Our favorite dalandan juice! But it’s not unlimited anymore. 😦 With that, we had two carafes (P315 each) because of that! What an expensive drink!

Pao’s all time favorite food! Can’t believe even in Antonio’s he decided to have Tapsilog (P390)! Haha! 🙂

I had Portobello Pasta (P495). Super yummy! 🙂

Pizza Beef Masso (P460) to share

Hello there future husband 🙂

Pancakes (P170) for dessert

Damask inspired interiors. So classy!

Very different from the last time we went there. (See picture before the flowers)

Mirror shot 🙂

On our way to Caleruega: Not contented with sightseeing, he needs to take a picture daw 🙂


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