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Food Tasting with K by Cunanan

This is one of the fun parts in the wedding preps. Food tasting!! We always grab the chance to join food tastings during our caterer selection since we are particular on our food for the wedding. We enjoy eating out so we want to serve the best food there is for our guests. Gladly! We found our non-negotiable. We booked them even before we have a reception venue. So our options for the venue were also affected since some has their in-house caterer or accredited caterers. We’re just so happy that they are still available on our date.

2010 June 10 – Initial Food Tasting

Vegetable samosa with mango chutney and Hoisin chicken wrap

Squash Soup

Barbecue chicken salad

Grilled beef kofta, garlic yogurt and spiced tomato sauce, couscous

Grilled red snapper, mango salsa and coconut cream

Carrot rice

Flourless chocolate cake, vanilla sauce; Chocolate mousse

2011 August 12 – Second Food Tasting

Forgot to take pictures of Roast beef tenderloin with mashed potato cakes and creamed spinach, Brocolli and cheese soup, as well as all the dessert. We had Flambéed mangoes with vanilla ice cream, Panna cotta with strawberry, Banoffee, and White chocolate cake.

Crackers with smoked tanigue and horse radish, Blinis with smoked salmon, Hoisin crackling pork wrap

Insalata caprese, orange, walnuts, strawberry vinaigrette

Honey nut prawns

Mixed seafood pasta, chopped fresh tomatoes, pesto drizzle

Japanese rolled chicken, cheese and leeks, teriyaki glaze

Baked fish in cream, bed of mashed potatoes, slivered almonds

Carrot rice

We’re really having a hard time choosing the final ones. Anyways, they’re all good! So expect great food on our big day! So excited! 🙂


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